Eden. The city that never long rests. Run by Humans while all the “Mythics” stay in hiding.

150 years ago was The Last Stand; a war between humans and fantastic creatures. Lead by The Fumiko, the humans were able decimated the Mythic resistance using advance technology and guns. Under the command of Damarcus and Phara Verimon the rebellion was diminished. The only survivors were a set of Drow triplets and a Gnomish Jester. No body knows their locations.

From that point on Mythics went into hiding. It was declared illegal to be a Mythic and they were killed in mass. Some Mythics hid better than others. 50 years ago was the invention of Glamour which gave them the ability to hid in place sight.

For a long time there wasn’t a Mythic sighting. Monsters were said to live beyond the wall in the waste lands but nobody had seen a Mythic for ten years. Then 40 years ago a Griffon flew over the wall and attacked a young boy. The griffon was killed quickly. Besides that incident there has been no official Mythic sighting. Until one special Tuesday…

On a sunny Tuesday a flash of red lighting strikes the earth. Terrible monster emerge from the destruction. Following were 8 more lighting bolts that stuck simultaneously. Every bolt was a different color. What caused this event to awaken?

The New Era

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