Zepher "Zeph" Paterson II

Scrawny White Nerd who listens much more than he speaks


Standing at 5’9" wearing a tan stylized leather jacket with an almost western feel. His eyes are an ink jet black with a speckling of white dots. His hair is also jet black and he has incredible posture. He does not smile or frown or seemingly ever use his facial muscles. He is almost doll like in his complexion. He wears a large brim wide gambling fedora. On his left wrist he wears a white watch which he never takes off.


Charlotte Patterson, insists that her husband Zepher Patterson was a good man and died in an shameless way. Zepher Patterson II (Zeph for short) was born after his father’s death. His mother has never told him the nature of his father’s death. He grew up quiet and shy and sad for no apparent reason. He was a functional mute until he was 13 years old. There was no explanation for this behavior even after hundreds of tests and Charlotte almost had a heart attack when he said his first sentence is a low but silk voice: “Mother, I believe I’m ready.” He went through school with a profound aptitude for electronics and communications. He talked more but only to a select group of individuals he deemed worthy within his grade: Yurdan Irk, Freilich Gibson, and Track Stanton. And sometimes Janis is there too… unfortunately. They all graduated and Some went on to go to university and higher education, Zeph being among them, but higher education didn’t agree with him. He dropped out and began moderating a number of chat rooms dedicated to a variety of topics, the most popular of which is the blog dedicated to the cult classic movie series The Tales of Ishmael by Dustin Murphy. At age 22 he was chosen by the ghost.


“Why does everyone think I’m a robot?”

Zepher "Zeph" Paterson II

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