Azazel "ZZ" Zodd

District M's Local Private Eye


ZZ appears to be an underweight, hard looking man in his mid forties. He is typically seen wearing a brown leather trenchcoat with a cheap suit and tie underneath. He has mid length brown hair and stubble he often forgets to shave. ZZ smells of nicotine and liquor. His bones show through, his face is sunken in, he is almost constantly smoking. He has a tattoo on his right hand that reads “AZ”.


Azazel is the son of Mags, who runs the 7th Heaven bar in district M. As a young man he joined the Eden police force in an attempt to through them off from potentially finding local Mystics. He later married his now ex-wife Draeda, had a daughter and settled down. Years went by and ZZ became a private investigator after he retired from the Force. He now finds a steady bit of work through the patrons that come to his mother’s bar.

“I subsist on a steady diet of alcohol, tobacco, and pussy”

Azazel "ZZ" Zodd

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